Where is the conference 23?

This years conference is 9th and 10th August at Silverstream Retreat, Lower Hutt

What is the Tuesday Industry Learning Day?

The start of the day is your chance to meet and work with the Industry Steer Group (ISG) which was started by the Road Worker Safety Group to help engage and work with every part of groups needing or using TTM to ensure a practical move forward with the new guidance document.  The rest of the day is made up of engaging presentations where you also get the chance to ask questions and learn over extended time that we simply can not share in the Conference format.

Can I attend TruGroup House sessions on Tuesday?

Sorry no this is a special programme for those that have registered for the house programme.

Why do I need to register and pay before the 28th July?

Due to venue requirements we need to confirm catering and venue setup requirements on the 31st July. This is to ensure there is a place for you and your team